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You and your pet can help protect rainforests

One of the first issues Dog Walking for Rainforests was concerned about is New York City Government's Destruction of Rainforests for park benches, Brooklyn Bridge, Coney Island Boardwalk, MTA subway ties, Staten Island ferry terminals, Hudson River Park, and The High Line Park. Check out two ads Dogwalking for Rainforests co-produced. The ads appeared on NY1. Jane Goodall was kind enough to appear in one of them. Just click Funky NYC Rainforests Ad or Jane Goodall NYC Rainforests Ad to view.

Most New Yorkers have little idea that as they debate about climate change, policies their children are running on beach & bridge boardwalks made and continually updated with tropical hardwoods. Take Action.


How can your doggie or kitty help?

1. Avoid human foods, pet foods, and all treats that are made with beef or beef-by-products! Cattle-ranching is a significant reason endangered forests are disappearing.

2. Use recycled bags or this morning's paper to pick up your dog's waste.

3. Use Puriana's Yesterday's News cat litter or its equivalent. It's made of recycled newspapers, it is not dusty, and it doesn't smell bad.

4. Turn off most lights and TVs when you leave your house. Unlike you, your pet can acclimate to the dark much easier.

5. Be creative. Use salvaged items for pet toys or purchase pet toys made of recycled materials.

How else can you, the human, help? 

6. Avoid the purchase of any new gold as gold-mining also destroys rainforests.

7. Make sure your soybeans or soybean products are not from Brasil as large corporate soybean farming is destroying rainforests.

8. Buy 'shade-grown' (not simply organic) coffee or chocolate.

9. Avoid using aluminum products and, if you have to use it, recycle it after. Aluminum mining relies on large, destructive dams often built in rainforests.

You and your pet have the power to make or create change. Share our info with your friends and aquaintances.

To learn more about alternatives to rainforest consumption go to Rainforest Relief.