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Pet Sitting vs Pet Boarding Facilities





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NYC has hundreds of boarding facilities you can take your pet to when you go out of town and most of them are cheaper than hiring an in-home pet sitter. So why should you choose pet sitting (with Dog Walking for Rainforests or with someone else) instead of them?


Pet Sitting with Dog Walking for Rainforests NYC is Safer for Your Pet


One of the hallmarks of a boarding facility is, obviously, that they care for many dogs besides just yours. What does that mean for your pet?


1. More pets means more chances to get sick.

Read reviews of almost any boarding facility in NYC and, no matter how well regarded they are, most of them have at least one report of a pet coming home with kennel cough. Some dogs have even come home with Canine Flu, which can be fatal.

2. More dogs means more chances to get injured.

Another look at those reviews shows another common thread: scratches, bite marks, and puncture wounds. Lots of dogs means lots of different personalities and temperments all thrown in together in an unfamiliar area. This is often stressful for dogs and can lead to aggression and fights.

3. Many people caring for many pets means less attention to details.

At Dog Walking for Rainforests NYC, one sitter cares for one (or however many you have) pet. We get to know them and their health problems. Many different people makes room for more people to be out of the loop or to forget important details. Many different pets means more health problems to track. If your pet needs medicine or special food, a boarding facility provides plenty of opportunities for it to be lost or just not administered.


Pets are Happier at Home with Dog Walking for Rainforests NYC


Pets are sad when their mom and dad leave, there's nothing you can do about that. One of the best ways to help alleviate it is to leave them with as much of their regular life as you can.


1.Your pet can be in their familiar territory.

Your cat can look out his favorite window. Your dog can sleep in her favorite spot. You leave home every day and they know you always come back. By leaving them with a loving sitter at home, your pets know they're safe and are more confident that you'll come home. This is especially important if your pet is from a shelter or has separation anxiety. Leaving them somewhere unfamiliar and with people they don't know will only reinforce their fears.

2. Your pet can stay on their own schedule.

At most pet care facilities, pets are fed, played with, and put to bed all at the same time. If your pet isn't hungry when they put out the food or isn't tired when they turn out the lights, that's too bad. With an in-home sitter, your pet keeps to the schedule that you established because it's what works best for them and for you instead of shoehorning your pet into what's best for their business.

3. Your pet will never be put in a cage.

One of the things that scares owners and pets alike about boarding facilities are the cages. They're often small, uncomfortable, and smell like the hundreds of other pets that are or have been in that room. This is overwhelming for even the calmest dog or cat. That's a lot of stress for both of you that can be avoided by just letting your pet stay home.


Whether you choose to hire Dog Walking for Rainforests or not, we hope you'll consider choosing an in-home pet sitter over a kennel facility.